Reveal Compliance the Oracle license expert company – are an management consulting firm providing services to corporations globally. Our specialization and only focus is on Oracle software licensing and Oracle cloud services. We have decades of experince working both for Oracle and then at multiple consulting provides. Some years ago we decided to bring together the best minds the Oracle licensing and contracts and form Reveal Compliance.

Founded in 2019 by a team of ex Oracle executives who decided to use their long time experience working for Oracle and then in different consulting businesses to build a world class consulting company with one mission, which is to provide the best Oracle license management services.

Reveal compliance is not a reseller of Oracle software, neither are we a partner of any Oracle competitor. The only source of our revenue is what our clients pay us for services. This provides comfort to our clients knowing that our only motivation and loyalty is to our clients. Our advice will not steer you away from Oracle or to Oracle, simply it is based upon what is in the best interest of our clients.

Our clients are in 24 different countries and they range from United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Sweden, Switzerland, Qatar, South Africa, Japan, Indonesia, Germany.
We support companies of all sizes, Fortune 100 companies with large Oracle software investments to smaller companies with only a few installations.

Our services are all delivered remotely, which means that we are available to help you worldwide. Oracle licensing challenges are the same in Europe as they are in Asia. Our team is also very experienced in delivering consulting engagements to companies from all parts of the world.

Reveal Compliance is part of the Redress Compliance Group. The worlds leading consulting company for Oracle license management.