Oracle Cloud Contracts

Oracle Cloud Contracts: Understanding and Negotiating

Oracle Cloud Contracts Oracle Cloud Contracts: Understanding and Negotiating Navigating Oracle cloud contracts can be complex, but organizations must understand the terms and leverage their position effectively. Oracle’s cloud contracts primarily consist of the Cloud Services Agreement (CSA) and the Cloud Ordering Document. This article will cover the essential components of these contracts, explain why … Read more

Oracle Third-Party Support

Comprehensive Guide to Oracle Third-Party Support

What is Oracle Third-Party Support? As organizations seek ways to reduce software license costs, many consider Oracle third-party support from vendors like Spinnaker Support and Rimini Street. Oracle typically charges support fees as a percentage of the net license fee, which increases by 8% annually. This has led companies to explore third-party support options for … Read more

Negotiating an Oracle License Agreement

Negotiating an Oracle License Agreement: A Full Guide

Negotiating an Oracle License Agreement Negotiating an Oracle license agreement can be challenging due to the complexity of Oracle’s pricing and licensing policies. Oracle’s reputation for tough negotiations stems from the significant variability in discounts, which can range from 0% to 99%, and the highly customized nature of each contract. However, this complexity also presents … Read more

oracle support fees reduction

Oracle Support Renewal – Secrets to optimizing costs

How to reduce Oracle Support Fees Many Oracle customers struggle with reducing the costs of their support renewals due to various Oracle technical support policies. These include Oracle repricing and the Oracle matching service levels, which often cause customers to pay for unused software licenses. T his article provides detailed information on Oracle technical support … Read more

Oracle Soft Partitioning Policy

Oracle Soft Partitioning Policy: A License to Steal

Oracle Soft Partitioning Policy: Key Points Understanding the Oracle Partitioning Policy is crucial for organizations using Oracle software in virtual environments. This policy outlines how Oracle licenses its software, including databases and middleware when used with virtualization technologies such as Solaris, IBM LPAR, Oracle VM, Microsoft Hyper-V, and VMware. This guide aims to provide a … Read more

oracle oma

Understanding the Oracle Master Agreement (Oracle OMA)

What is Oracle OMA Oracle, a global leader in database management and enterprise software, offers a comprehensive agreement called the Oracle Master Agreement (OMA). This document is essential for any organization procuring Oracle products and services. Understanding the OMA and its critical terms can help businesses navigate their relationship with Oracle more effectively, ensuring compliance … Read more

Oracle PULA

Oracle PULA: A Guide to Perpetual Unlimited License

What is an Oracle PULA? Oracle PULA – Perpetual Unlimited License Agreement An Oracle Perpetual Unlimited License Agreement (PULA) allows organizations to purchase a perpetual license for Oracle software. The license offers indefinite use without expiration or limitations on the number of users or server deployments. Key Benefits Indefinite Use: Unlimited Deployments: Potential Drawbacks High … Read more

Oracle Pool of Funds

Oracle Pool of Funds – License Agreement

What is Oracle Pool of Funds? Introduction to Oracle Pool of Funds What is Oracle Pool of Funds? The Oracle Pool of Funds License Agreement is a flexible licensing model that allows customers to purchase a predetermined number of Oracle software licenses. These licenses are pooled together, enabling the customer to deploy Oracle software across … Read more