Navigating Oracle Diagnostic Pack licensing

Oracle Diagnostic Pack – Licensing

What is Oracle Diagnostic Pack?

Oracle Diagnostic Pack licensing is one of the most common reasons why Oracle customers are non-compliant with their Oracle licenses. So what is Oracle Diagnostic Pack? – The Oracle Diagnostic Pack is a set of diagnostic and tuning tools that can be used to troubleshoot and improve the performance of Oracle databases. It includes tools for monitoring database performance, identifying problems, and analyzing and tuning SQL statements. The Pack is available as an optional add-on for Oracle Enterprise Edition and is included with Oracle Cloud services. Some of the tools included in the Oracle Diagnostic Pack are:

  • ADDM (Automatic Database Diagnostic Monitor): monitors database performance in real-time and provides recommendations for improving performance
  • ASH (Active Session History): provides real-time information about database activity
  • AWR (Automatic Workload Repository): collects and stores performance data over time, allowing you to analyze trends and identify performance issues
  • SQL Tuning Advisor: analyzes SQL statements and provides recommendations for improving their performance
  • SQL Access Advisor: analyzes database workloads and provides recommendations for improving access to data
  • Automatic Memory Management: dynamically adjusts the size of the database buffer cache to optimize performance

The Oracle Diagnostic Pack can be a useful tool for database administrators and developers who need to troubleshoot and optimize the performance of Oracle databases

How to license Oracle Diagnostic Pack

  • Oracle Diagnostic Pack is available to be licensed with both Named User Plus and Processor Licenses.
  • The licenses used for the diagnostic Pack must match the quantity and metric of the Oracle Database Enterprise Edition.
  • Diagnostic Pack is only available to be licensed together with Oracle Database Enterprise Edition.

Oracle Diagnostic Pack – License cost

1x Processor License costs $ 7500.

1x Named User Plus License costs $ 150 per user. Read more about Oracle licensing costs.

Diagnostic Pack is often included in Oracle ULAs.

Oracle Diagnostic Pack – License Compliance issues.

  • We see customers using Diagnostic Pack AWR to troubleshoot historical data about why an Oracle database failed; this record of usage is then saved in the Oracle database tables.
  • Historical usage of Oracle Diagnostic Pack is found by Oracle audit scripts.
  • While you cannot, from a licensing point of view, use Oracle diagnostic pack on a standard edition database. You can, from a technical point of view, use it. If you use Diagnostic Pack on an Oracle Database Standard Edition, Oracle will require that you license it with Enterprise Edition.