Navigating Oracle Diagnostic Pack licensing

Oracle Diagnostic Pack Licensing

  • License Options: Available as Named User Plus or Processor licenses.
  • Licensing Requirement: Must match the Oracle Database Enterprise Edition licenses.
  • Cost: $7,500 per processor or $150 per user.
  • Compliance Issues: Historical usage tracking and improper use of Standard Edition databases.
  • Recommendation: Regular audits and expert consultation for compliance.

What is Oracle Diagnostic Pack?

Oracle Diagnostic Pack is a comprehensive set of diagnostic and tuning tools designed to help troubleshoot and enhance the performance of Oracle databases.

It includes various features that provide real-time monitoring, performance analysis, and recommendations for SQL statement optimization. The pack is an optional add-on for Oracle Enterprise Edition and includes Oracle Cloud services.

Key Tools in Oracle Diagnostic Pack:

  • ADDM (Automatic Database Diagnostic Monitor): Monitors database performance in real-time and offers recommendations for performance improvements.
  • ASH (Active Session History): Provides real-time data about database activity.
  • AWR (Automatic Workload Repository): Collects and stores performance data over time, enabling trend analysis and performance issue identification.
  • SQL Tuning Advisor: Analyzes SQL statements and offers recommendations for performance enhancements.
  • SQL Access Advisor: Analyzes database workloads and suggests ways to improve data access.
  • Automatic Memory Management: Dynamically adjusts the size of the database buffer cache to optimize performance.

These tools are invaluable for database administrators and developers who need to troubleshoot and optimize Oracle databases.

How to License Oracle Diagnostic Pack

Oracle Diagnostic Pack can be licensed through Named User Plus or Processor Licenses. The quantity and metric of these licenses must match those of the Oracle Database Enterprise Edition. Notably, the Diagnostic Pack is available only with Oracle Database Enterprise Edition.

Licensing Options:

  • Processor License: For environments where the number of users is high or difficult to count.
  • Named User Plus License: Suitable for environments with limited identifiable users.

Cost of Oracle Diagnostic Pack:

  • Processor License: $7,500 per processor.
  • Named User Plus License: $150 per user.

The Diagnostic Pack is often included in Oracle Unlimited License Agreements (ULAs), which can provide additional licensing flexibility.

Oracle Diagnostic Pack – Compliance Issues

Compliance with Oracle Diagnostic Pack licensing can be challenging, leading to potential non-compliance for many Oracle customers. Here are some common compliance issues and tips to address them:

Common Compliance Issues:

  1. Historical Usage Tracking: Tools like AWR store historical data, which can be detected during Oracle audits. If the Diagnostic Pack has been used without proper licenses, this can reveal unlicensed usage.
  2. Standard Edition Usage: While technically possible, using the Diagnostic Pack on an Oracle Database Standard Edition requires licensing it with Enterprise Edition from a compliance perspective.

Tips for Ensuring Compliance:

  • Regular Audits: Conduct internal audits using Oracle’s audit scripts to detect and address unlicensed usage.
  • Proper Licensing: Ensure that all Diagnostic Pack licenses match the quantity and metric of the Oracle Database Enterprise Edition licenses.
  • Documentation: Keep detailed records of all licenses and their usage to streamline compliance checks during official Oracle audits.

Practical Tips for Managing Oracle Diagnostic Pack Licensing

  1. Understand Your Licensing Needs: Assess your environment to determine whether Named User Plus or Processor licenses are more cost-effective.
  2. Monitor Usage: Regularly monitor the usage of Diagnostic Pack features to ensure compliance with licensing terms.
  3. Consider ULAs: If your organization uses Oracle Diagnostic Pack extensively, consider an Oracle Unlimited License Agreement to simplify licensing management.
  4. Consult Experts: Work with Oracle licensing consultants, like Reveal Compliance, to ensure full compliance and optimize your licensing strategy.


Properly managing Oracle Diagnostic Pack licensing is essential to maintain compliance and optimize the performance of your Oracle databases. By understanding the tools, licensing options, costs, and common compliance issues, you can better navigate the complexities of Oracle licensing. Regular audits, proper documentation, and expert c


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