Oracle LMS Collection Tool – Oracle Licensing the right way

What is Oracle LMS Collection Tool?

The Oracle LMS Collection tool, also known as Oracle license compliance scripts, is a tool used by Oracle’s audit organization (LMS) to perform software license audits. Many Oracle customers first encounter it during an Oracle license audit. Oracle also uses the tool when they are certifying enterprise agreements or helping customers to migrate to Oracle cloud solutions.

All Oracle license management services providers use these or a version of them. Any provider who does not use them are not specialized in Oracle licensing and are a generic provider. There is a substantial quality drop between the two types of providers.

Q: When are the Oracle license compliance scripts used?

A: The scripts are used during Oracle audits or Oracle ULA certifications, and can also be used by companies to perform internal Oracle license audits. A light version of the tool can be requested through Oracle MySupport, or you may have a copy from a previous Oracle license audit. Note that Oracle’s updated audit clause in the Oracle Master Agreement (OMA) now requires the use of data measurement tools during Oracle license audits.

Q: What are the Oracle license compliance scripts?

A: The scripts are a collection of tools that must be run on servers where Oracle software is installed. They include the Review Lite script for Oracle database, CPU queries, and scripts for Oracle middleware and Oracle applications.

Q: What Oracle software is covered by the LMS scripts?

A: The scripts cover Oracle database and all related options and management packs, Oracle middleware including Oracle Application Server, Oracle Weblogic, Oracle Weblogic Options, Oracle Weblogic Management Packs, Oracle Tuxedo, and Oracle Webcenter, Oracle Business Intelligence, and Oracle E-Business Suite, Hyperion, PeopleSoft, JD Edwards, and Siebel.

Q: Who runs the scripts in an organization?

A: Oracle will not run the scripts on your servers. Instead, you will receive a copy of the scripts and instructions on how to run them. System admins with Windows and root access for Linux/Unix and admin rights for certain Oracle middleware products are required to run the scripts.

Q: What does the Oracle license compliance script detect?

A: The LMS scripts can detect both current and past usage of Oracle software, including unlicensed usage dating back as far as 10 years. If unlicensed products have been mistakenly used in the past, Oracle may require a license purchase.

Q: When should the LMS scripts be used?

A: The scripts should be used during an Oracle license audit or Oracle ULA certification, and can also be used for the most accurate internal Oracle license review. While some SAM tools are only accurate 80-90%, the LMS scripts provide a more comprehensive analysis and can help reduce the risk of unlicensed Oracle software.

Q: How can I obtain the Oracle LMS Collection tool?

A: The scripts are not publicly available for download, but they can be obtained from Oracle customers who have undergone an audit or from Oracle license consulting firms who have the scripts or their own versions of the tools.

Q: What is the process of running the Oracle license compliance scripts?

A: The scripts do not have discovery functionality, so they must be run on every server with Oracle software. It is a relatively fast process and can be completed in a day for thousands of servers. The script will generate output files which require expertise and training to properly analyze and determine the licensable positions. Depending on the size of your Oracle estate, it may take a few weeks or months to compile all the output files into an Oracle license position. If you would like assistance reviewing your Oracle estate with the scripts and obtaining a replica of an actual Oracle license audit, you can schedule a consultation with a specialist.

Q: Can I read the output of the Oracle license compliance scripts?

A: No, proper training and a deep understanding of Oracle licensing rules and policies are required to interpret the output of the scripts. It is recommended to work with a specialist who has expert knowledge in analyzing the script output before sharing any data with Oracle.

How we can help

Our services offer assistance in reviewing Oracle licensing using the Oracle LMS Collection tool. The tool is a collection of scripts that must be run on servers where Oracle software is installed and provides output files detailing the usage of Oracle products.

To begin the process, you will run the Oracle LMS scripts on servers where you have Oracle software. Our team of experts will then work with you to analyze the output files and determine your licensable positions. This analysis requires training and expertise in interpreting the script results as well as a deep understanding of Oracle licensing rules and policies.

Once the analysis is complete, we will provide you with a report outlining your Oracle license position and any recommendations for addressing any potential licensing issues. Our team can also work with you to negotiate with Oracle and address any discrepancies or discrepancies found during the review process.

Overall, our services aim to help you reduce the risk of unlicensed Oracle software and ensure compliance with Oracle licensing agreements. By working with us, you can gain a better understanding of your Oracle license position and take steps to properly license your Oracle products.