Comprehensive Guide to Oracle SOA Suite Licensing

Oracle SOA Suite Licensing

  • Core-Based Licensing: The Oracle core factor table is applied based on processor cores.
  • Costs:
    • $57,500 per processor license
    • $1,200 per named user plus
  • Prerequisites: Oracle WebLogic Suite and Oracle Database licenses are required.
  • Virtualization/Cloud Rules: Apply to licensing in virtual environments.

What is Oracle SOA Suite?

What is Oracle SOA Suite

Oracle SOA Suite is a comprehensive platform for application integration, offering a range of tools and services to streamline the integration process. It is licensed as an option for Oracle WebLogic Suite.

Key Components of Oracle SOA Suite

  • Oracle BPEL Process Manager
  • Oracle Service Bus
  • Mediator
  • Oracle Web Services Manager
  • Oracle Business Rules
  • Oracle Human Workflow
  • Oracle Event Processing
  • Oracle JDeveloper and Oracle Application Development Framework
  • Enterprise Scheduler
  • Oracle Business Activity Monitoring
  • Oracle SOA Core Extension
  • Oracle SOA Suite Adapters
  • Oracle Entitlements Server Basic

Additional components, such as Technology Adapters and B2B, are included in Oracle WebLogic Suite through the Oracle Internet Application Server Enterprise Edition.

Oracle SOA Suite Licensing Costs

Oracle SOA Suite Licensing Costs
  • Oracle SOA Suite for Oracle Middleware: $57,500 per processor license.
  • Oracle SOA Suite for Oracle Middleware: $1,200 per named user plus.

Licensing Rules for Oracle SOA Suite

Core-Based Licensing

Oracle SOA Suite uses core-based licensing. This means the number of licenses required is based on the number of processor cores in your server, adjusted by the Oracle core factor table.

Applying the Core Factor Table

The core factor table helps determine the licenses needed by applying a specific multiplier to the number of cores. For example, if the core factor for your processors is 0.5, you would divide the number of cores by 0.5 to determine the number of processor licenses required.

Example Calculations

Example 1: 8-Core Server

If your server has eight Intel cores with a core factor of 0.5:

Number of processor licenses=Number of cores Core factor number of processor licenses=Core factor number of cores​

Number of processor licenses=80.5=16Number of processor licenses=0.58​=16

Example 2: 32-Core Server

For a server with 32 Intel cores and a core factor of 0.5:

Number of processor licenses=320.5=64Number of processor licenses=0.532​=64

For $57,500 per processor license, the total cost would be:


Virtualization and Cloud Licensing Rules

Oracle’s virtualization and cloud licensing rules apply to Oracle SOA Suite. These rules dictate how licenses are counted in virtualized environments and the cloud, often requiring all physical hosts in a virtualized environment to be fully licensed.

Prerequisites for Licensing Oracle SOA Suite

To license and use Oracle SOA Suite, you must also have licenses for:

  • Oracle WebLogic Suite
  • Oracle Database

These prerequisites ensure that the necessary infrastructure and components are in place for the proper functioning of Oracle SOA Suite.

Practical Tips for Managing Oracle SOA Suite Licensing

  1. Understand Your Requirements: Clearly define the scope of your integration needs to determine the necessary components of Oracle SOA Suite.
  2. Use the Core Factor Table: Accurately apply the core factor table to calculate the number of processor licenses required.
  3. Consider Virtualization and Cloud Rules: Ensure compliance with Oracle’s rules for virtualized and cloud environments.
  4. Budget for Prerequisites: Include the costs for Oracle WebLogic Suite and Oracle Database in your budget.
  5. Review your licensing needs regularly and adjust as necessary to avoid over-licensing or under-licensing.


Oracle SOA Suite offers powerful tools for application integration, but understanding its licensing requirements is crucial. This guide will help you better navigate the complexities of Oracle SOA Suite licensing, ensuring compliance and optimizing your investment.

Consider consulting with specialized Oracle licensing experts like Reveal Compliance for more detailed assistance or to ensure compliance. They can provide tailored advice and help you navigate the intricacies of Oracle licensing.


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