Oracle SOA Suite License Costs and Factors

Oracle SOA Suite License Guide

Oracle SOA Suite License is based upon core licensing and has different prerequisites, meaning you need to also obtain other product licenses to be correctly licensed.

What is Oracle SOA Suite?

  • Oracle SOA Suite is a platform for application integration.
  • It is licensed as an option for Oracle WebLogic Suite.
  • Components included:
    • Oracle BPEL Process Manager
    • Oracle Service Bus
    • Mediator
    • Oracle Web Services Manager
    • Oracle Business Rules
    • Oracle Human Workflow
    • Oracle Event Processing
    • Oracle JDeveloper and Oracle Application Development Framework
    • Enterprise Scheduler
    • Oracle Business Activity Monitoring
    • Oracle SOA Core Extension
    • Oracle SOA Suite Adapters
    • Oracle Entitlements Server Basic
    • Some components, such as Technology Adapters and B2B, are also included via the inclusion of Oracle Internet Application Server Enterprise Edition in Oracle WebLogic Suite

Oracle SOA Suite License costs

  • Oracle SOA Suite for Oracle Middleware is $57,500 per processor license 
  • Oracle SOA Suite for Oracle Middleware $1,200 per named user plus.

Oracle SOA Suite Licensing Rules

  • Core-based licensing
  • Need to apply the Oracle core factor table.
  • Virtualization rules apply.
  • Cloud licensing rules apply.
  • Pre-requites (need to license other Oracle products as well)

Oracle licensing calculation example:

If the core factor for your processors is 0.5 and the processors are Intel, then the number of processor licenses you would need to purchase is determined by dividing the number of cores in your server by the core factor. 

For example, if your server has eight cores, you would need to purchase 8 / 0.5 = <<8/0.5=16>>16 processor licenses.

Another example

To determine the number of processor licenses you need to purchase for a server with 32 cores of Intel processors, you can use the following formula:

Number of processor licenses = Number of cores / Core factor

Plugging in the values for a server with 32 cores and a core factor of 0.5, the formula would look like this:

Number of processor licenses = 32 cores / 0.5

To solve this equation, you would need to purchase 32 / 0.5 = 64 processor licenses. At the cost of $57,500 per processor license, the total cost for processor licenses would be 64 * $57,500 = $<<64*57500=3600000>>3,600,000

Oracle SOA Suite prerequisites

  • A license to Oracle WebLogic Suite is required in order to license and use Oracle SOA Suite
  • A license to Oracle database is also required to license and use Oracle SOA Suite