Don’t let your Oracle Support Rewards expire

What are Oracle Support Rewards?

The Oracle Support Rewards program offers additional benefits to customers who use Oracle’s on-premises software and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) services. By using OCI, customers can earn Support Rewards that can be used to pay for updates and support for Oracle Technology Programs. This program is designed to provide value to customers who use both on-premises software and OCI services

Who are eligible to join?

  • The Oracle Support Rewards program is available to customers using Oracle’s on-premises software, which also consumes Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) services.
  • Customers become eligible when they enter a new Universal Credits order and start using OCI services. Pay As You Go customers are currently not eligible.
  • Only customers who sign annual-flex agreements and do not Pay as you go.
  • To enroll in Oracle Support Rewards, request an eligible Cloud Universal Credits Ordering Document from your cloud sales representative, which will include the terms of enrollment. These terms will apply to all future orders for the subscription tenancy until the organization opts out.
  • Bring Your Own License (BYOL) services on the Universal Credits Model (UCM) rate card are eligible for the program.
  • Unlimited License Agreement (ULA) customers with ULA2PaaS may not enroll in the Oracle Support Rewards program. If they have not exercised their option to purchase OCI services under ULA2PaaS and prefer to use the rewards program, they may amend their ULA to remove the right to ULA2PaaS. If they have already used the ULA2PaaS program, they can reconsider renewal.
  • Oracle applications support is not eligible for the program, but customers can contact their cloud applications representative for details on incentives, such as Customer 2 Cloud, for moving applications to the cloud.
  • Most OCI services are eligible for earning rewards, but consumption services and offerings that include third parties like VMware, Microsoft, and Oracle Cloud Marketplace are not.
  • Oracle Cloud Applications, such as Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP, are not eligible for rewards.
  • Customers can accrue rewards for Oracle Cloud@Customer, but only for the portion delivered under UCM. The subscription portion for the base rack is not eligible.

Oracle Support Rewards Limitations

The Oracle Support Rewards program is limited to reducing on-premises Oracle technology license support fees. It cannot be used to reduce support fees for on-premises applications, such as Peoplesoft. For example, if an organization consumes $1 million worth of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) services, the Support Rewards earned cannot be used to reduce Peoplesoft support fees by $250,000. However, these rewards can be applied to reduce support fees for Oracle technology products such as databases.

The Oracle Support Rewards program allows customers to earn credits towards their on-premise Oracle technology license support fees based on their monthly consumption of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure services. These credits do not accrue when the OCI credits are purchased but rather when they are consumed. Oracle hopes to encourage the expanded use of OCI by offering this program, as it has seen significant growth in demand for its cloud services once customers begin using them. As a result, the company incentivizes customers to start using OCI before they can earn rewards.

The Oracle Support Rewards program allows customers to use their consumption of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) services to pay for their Software Update License and Support for Oracle Technology Programs. However, these rewards must be applied to open invoices for technology support fees and are only valid for 12 months from the date they are earned. It is the responsibility of the customer to track and use their rewards in a timely manner, as any unused rewards will expire.

Rewards for Oracle Support can be earned for any workload running on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), regardless of whether it is a third-party application or Oracle software. This means that customers can run non-Oracle applications on OCI and still earn rewards that can be applied toward their on-premises Oracle technology support fees. By allowing any workload to accrue rewards, Oracle can increase the number of a customer’s applications and workloads running on OCI, resulting in more fees for the company.

Who benefits from Oracle Support Rewards?

Customers who use Oracle’s on-premises software and consume Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) services benefit from Oracle Support Rewards. By consuming OCI services, these customers earn Support Rewards that can be applied as payment for their Software Update License and Support for Oracle Technology Programs. 

If you have Oracle technology contracts, you can claim 25% of what you consume in OCI, and if you have an Oracle ULA, you can claim 33% of what you spend on OCI.

If you need expert help to manage your Oracle Support Rewards and OCI, we can help.