Oracle Support Rewards: A Detailed Guide

Oracle Support Rewards are

  • Earn Credits: Credits can reduce Oracle support costs based on OCI spending.
  • Eligibility: Active OCI subscription and current Oracle support are required.
  • Financial Savings: Offset support costs, reducing total cost of ownership.
  • Immediate Benefits: Apply credits as soon as they are earned.
  • Cloud Adoption: Encourages use of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Introduction to Oracle Support Rewards

Benefits of Oracle Support Rewards

Oracle Support Rewards is a program designed to provide financial benefits to customers who utilize Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) services.

The program allows customers to earn rewards that can offset their support costs, effectively reducing the total cost of ownership of Oracle products. This article will detail the Oracle Support Rewards program’s specifics, benefits, eligibility criteria, and best practices for maximizing these rewards.

What are Oracle Support Rewards?

Oracle Support Rewards is a financial incentive program that enables Oracle customers to earn credits against their Oracle support fees based on their consumption of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) services. The goal is to encourage the adoption of OCI by making it more cost-effective and rewarding for customers already invested in Oracle technologies.

Key Features of Oracle Support Rewards

  • Earn Credits: Customers earn credits based on their spending on OCI services. These credits can be applied to reduce support costs for Oracle products.
  • Immediate Benefits: The rewards can be applied as soon as earned, providing immediate financial relief.
  • Flexibility: Credits can offset various support costs, including software updates and technical support.

How Does Oracle Support Rewards Work?

The Oracle Support Rewards program is straightforward. Customers who subscribe to OCI services earn credits that can be used to reduce their Oracle support fees. Here’s a step-by-step breakdown of how the program works:

  1. Subscription to OCI Services: Customers must subscribe to eligible OCI services to participate in the program.
  2. Earning Credits: For every dollar spent on OCI services, customers earn a certain amount of reward credits.
  3. Applying Credits: The earned credits can be applied to reduce Oracle support costs, including fees for software updates, maintenance, and technical support.

Eligibility for Oracle Support Rewards

To participate in the Oracle Support Rewards program, customers must meet certain eligibility criteria:

  • Active OCI Subscription: Customers must have an active Oracle Cloud Infrastructure subscription.
  • Qualifying Spend: Only spending on eligible OCI services qualifies for earning support rewards.
  • Current Oracle Support: Customers must pay for Oracle support services to apply for the earned credits.

Benefits of Oracle Support Rewards

Best Practices for Maximizing Oracle Support Rewards

The Oracle Support Rewards program offers several benefits to customers:

Financial Savings

  • Cost Reduction: By earning credits through OCI usage, customers can significantly reduce their Oracle support costs.
  • Budget Optimization: The program helps organizations optimize their IT budgets by reallocating funds saved on support costs.

Encouragement of Cloud Adoption

  • Incentivizing OCI Usage: The program encourages customers to adopt and expand their use of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure services.
  • Enhanced Value: Customers get more value from their OCI investments by leveraging the rewards to offset other costs.

Simplified Financial Management

  • Ease of Use: Earning and applying credits is straightforward, simplifying financial management for IT departments.
  • Predictable Savings: Organizations can predict their savings based on OCI usage, making financial planning easier.

Best Practices for Maximizing Oracle Support Rewards

Oracle Support Rewards Process

To make the most of the Oracle Support Rewards program, consider the following best practices:

Assess Your OCI Usage

  • Evaluate Current Consumption: Regularly assess your OCI service consumption to understand how much you spend and how many credits you can earn.
  • Plan for Future Needs: To maximize rewards, anticipate future cloud infrastructure needs and plan your OCI usage accordingly.

Integrate OCI with Your IT Strategy

  • Align with Business Goals: Ensure that your use of OCI services aligns with your broader business and IT goals.
  • Optimize Cloud Spend: Use OCI services efficiently to maximize the value you get from the cloud services and the support rewards.

Monitor and Apply Credits Regularly

  • Track Earned Credits: Keep track of the credits you earn and ensure they are applied promptly to your Oracle support costs.
  • Review Support Invoices: Regularly review your Oracle support invoices to ensure the credits are correctly applied.

Common Challenges and How to Overcome Them

While the Oracle Support Rewards program offers significant benefits, customers may face challenges. Here are common issues and how to address them:

Understanding Eligibility and Qualified Spend

  • Clarify Eligible Services: Ensure you understand which OCI services qualify for earning support rewards.
  • Consult Oracle Licensing Consultants: Work with experts to clarify eligibility and doubts about qualified spending.

Maximizing Credit Utilization

  • Regular Monitoring: Regularly monitor your OCI usage and earned credits to ensure you are maximizing your benefits.
  • Strategic Planning: Plan your OCI usage strategically to ensure you are earning the maximum possible credits.

Managing Multiple Accounts

  • Consolidate Usage: If you have multiple OCI accounts, consider consolidating usage to maximize the rewards earned.
  • Track Credits Across Accounts: Ensure you have a system to track credits earned across multiple accounts.

Real-World Examples of Oracle Support Rewards

Case Study 1: Large Enterprise Reduces Support Costs

A large enterprise leveraging OCI services for its critical applications reduced its Oracle support costs by 25% through the Oracle Support Rewards program. The enterprise optimized its IT budget by strategically increasing its OCI usage, regularly monitoring earned credits, and reallocating savings to other strategic initiatives.

Case Study 2: SMB Maximizes Cloud Investment

A small-to-medium business (SMB) adopted OCI to enhance its IT infrastructure. By participating in the Oracle Support Rewards program, the SMB earned substantial credits, which were applied to reduce support costs. This allowed the business to reinvest the savings into further cloud adoption and digital transformation projects.

Frequently Asked Questions about Oracle Support Rewards

How do I enroll in the Oracle Support Rewards program?

For customers with eligible OCI subscriptions, enrollment in the Oracle Support Rewards program is automatic; there is no separate enrollment process.

Which OCI services are eligible to earn support rewards?

Most OCI services qualify for earning support rewards. However, checking with Oracle or consulting an Oracle licensing consultant is essential to ensure eligibility for specific services.

How are the earned credits applied to my Oracle support costs?

Earned credits are automatically applied to reduce your Oracle support costs. You can see the applied credits in your Oracle support invoices.

Can I use the earned credits for any other Oracle services?

The credits earned through the Oracle Support Rewards program can only be applied to reduce Oracle support costs, including software updates and technical support fees.

How often are credits calculated and applied?

Credits are calculated based on your OCI usage and are typically applied to your support costs on a regular billing cycle. Check with Oracle for the specific timing and details.


The Oracle Support Rewards program is a powerful tool for organizations looking to reduce their Oracle support costs and maximize the value of their OCI investments.

By understanding how the program works, assessing your OCI usage, and following best practices, you can optimize your IT budget and achieve significant financial savings.

For detailed advice and strategic planning, consider working with experienced Oracle licensing consultants to navigate the complexities of Oracle Support Rewards and other Oracle licensing programs.


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