Java SE Universal Subscription Employee – Explained

Java SE Universal Subscription Employee How to license Employee for Java? Employee for Java SE Universal Subscription: Clarifying The definition of Licensing is given on the Java Price list. Employee for Java SE Universal Subscription is defined as I all of Your full-time, part-time, and temporary workers and (ii) all of Your agents, contractors, outsourcers, … Read more

Oracle Sales Cloud pricing revealed

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Oracle SOA Suite License Costs and Factors

Oracle SOA Suite License Guide Oracle SOA Suite License is based upon core licensing and has different prerequisites, meaning you need to also obtain other product licenses to be correctly licensed. What is Oracle SOA Suite? Oracle SOA Suite License costs Oracle SOA Suite Licensing Rules Oracle licensing calculation example: If the core factor for … Read more

Licensing Oracle Software in the Cloud Computing Environment

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Oracle Multitenant licensing and the licensing costs

Oracle Multitenant licensing Intro Oracle has made several changes to its Oracle multitenant licensing rules some is now free, but it depends on how much you are using the product and which version of Oracle database that you are running. This article will help you understand the basic concepts of the product and the licensing … Read more

Oracle term license ends for most on-premises programs

Oracle TERM License vs. Oracle Perpetual Oracle has two different license metrics, Oracle TERM licenses, and Oracle perpetual licenses. This article will explain the differences and your options to license Oracle. The short answer: The long answer Oracle generally sells software licenses with a permanent duration (Perpetual) but also did offer an option to purchase … Read more

Avoid These Common Oracle Cloud Contract Mistakes

Oracle Cloud Contracts It is the first Oracle cloud contracts where organizations have the most leverage to negotiate better terms for their organization. We find that in renewal scenarios, Oracle is very inflexible and is not willing to change much, if any, time. An executive summary: Oracle Cloud Contracts – A long answer If your … Read more

Oracle Partitioning Licensing Costs – Guide for 2023

Oracle Partitioning Licensing Costs  What is Oracle Partitioning? Oracle Partitioning licensing is core-based and tied to the enterprise edition license. Read more to learn how it works. In Oracle Database, partitioning divides a large table into smaller, more manageable pieces called partitions. Partitioning can be used to improve a database’s performance, manageability, and availability. There … Read more

SAP License Audit Guide for 2023

What is a SAP license audit? An SAP license audit is when SAP audits its customers, in which they are required to run standard SAP audit tools and send the data to SAP for review. SAP then responds by highlighting any license gaps and charges for additional licenses that may be required. The purpose of … Read more

Navigating Oracle Diagnostic Pack licensing

Oracle Diagnostic Pack – Licensing What is Oracle Diagnostic Pack? Oracle Diagnostic Pack licensing is one of the most common reasons why Oracle customers are non-compliant with their Oracle licenses. So what is Oracle Diagnostic Pack? – The Oracle Diagnostic Pack is a set of diagnostic and tuning tools that can be used to troubleshoot … Read more