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5 Salesforce platform licenses and their costs

What is Salesforce Platform licenses? This article is about Salesforce platform licenses, but quickly for anyone who is not familiar with what Salesforce is – Salesforce is a cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) platform that helps businesses manage and track customer interactions and data throughout the customer lifecycle. The platform offers a range of tools … Read more

Salesforce pricing – Insider Insights

Salesforce Pricing Guide Salesforce Pricing – How much should you pay? , like many other IT and SaaS vendors, expects customers to negotiate their contracts. However, many customers are unaware that they can negotiate or are hesitant to do so out of fear of damaging their business relationship. Some customers do try to negotiate, but … Read more

Salesforce Negotiation – 10 steps for your negotiation

Salesforce negotiation – preparation To effectively succeed in an Salesforce negotiation, it is important to understand the company’s operations. Salesforce has a highly effective sales system that is designed to maximize revenue from each account. The company’s sales process and organizational structure borrow successful tactics from other major companies such as Microsoft, Oracle, and SAP. … Read more

Oracle Third-Party Support Providers – Cut Your Oracle costs

Oracle Third-party Support – Why? Many companies seeking to reduce costs on software licenses often consider Oracle third-party support from vendors like Oracle. Oracle charges support fees as a percentage of the net license fee, which increases by 4% annually. In recent years, it has become common for companies to move their Oracle technical support … Read more

Oracle License Optimization – 5 ways for how to reduce costs

What is Oracle License Optimization? Oracle License Optimization is the process of ensuring that an organization is properly licensed for the Oracle software that it is using in a way that minimizes costs and compliance risks. This can involve a number of different steps, including reviewing the organization’s current Oracle licenses and usage, identifying any … Read more

Oracle PAH License – Prop Hosting Licensing – FAQ

What is Oracle PAH license ? Oracle PAH License , or Oracle Proprietary Application hosting license, is a licensing option specifically for Oracle Independent Software Vendors (ISVs). It allows these ISVs to use all Oracle technology software, including databases and middleware such as WebLogic, in hosting environments to build and run their intellectual property as … Read more

Ten tips for negotiating an Oracle license agreement

Negotiating an Oracle license agreement: Oracle negotiations are famous for being tough, as Oracle is one of the software vendors that most organizations feel are difficult to negotiate with. This is in part because discounts vary from 0-99% discount and each contract is different from the other. Compare this to other vendors where discounting is … Read more

Insider Tips on IBM ELA: Maximize Your Savings!

IBM ELA An IBM ELA (enterprise license agreement) is a type of volume licensing agreement offered by software vendors, such as IBM, to large organizations. It allows companies to purchase a predetermined amount of software licenses at a discounted rate, typically over a period of several years. The goal of an ELA is to provide … Read more

Oracle Support Renewal – Secrets to optimizing costs

Every time you purchase an Oracle software license, you will also receive an Oracle support renewal. This annual renewal includes technical support and the ability to download and apply updates and upgrades for the specific software license you have purchased.  Many Oracle customers struggle to reduce the costs of their support renewals due to various … Read more